Fund Your Business Equipment Quickly

Whether your equipment needs are born out of necessity or careful cost-benefit analysis, new technology offers immediate benefits to industries facing global competition and rising operating costs. Without sufficient time to review multiple years of financial disclosure proving sufficient business net worth and enough current cash flow to cover new debt, the answer you already heard from both local and national bank underwriters is “no.”

Business owners with credit deficiencies face challenges financing new business equipment sold by dealers, vendors and manufacturers. Business owners with spotless credit profiles may still face headwinds when brokers, private parties and used equipment are involved in equipment transactions. We don’t spend our time poring over your financials on transactions under $150,000.00 and your business strategy trumps balance sheet every time even on transactions up to $ 500,000.00.

We are here to help your industry take rapid advantage of discounts on equipment with a unique ability to finance both titled and non-titled transactions without age restrictions inclusive of services, delivery and other transaction costs.

Lines of Credit

Many small-business owners may encounter cash flow management issues, having to balance out seasonality with sustained growth and revenue generation. A Line of Credit helps to accommodate a firm’s year-long credit demands, ensuring a consistent flow of capital at optimal rate for the borrower.

A line of credit reflects our dedication to building a long-lasting relationships with our customers. A Line of Credit does not need to be accessed all at once, or earmarked for a specific purpose or need. Instead, the line of credit may be drawn down upon at any time for any reason; leveraged as a ready source of capital finance should a business contingency be revealed.