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Northwest Restaurant Consultants- Bend

Here at Northwest Consultants, LLC, we are proud to be the premiere restaurant consulting firm in Bend, OR. We have many years of experience in brand strategy, doing hands-on work with a variety of restaurant owners, franchisees, and corporate partners all over the country. With our help, your restaurant venture can enjoy greater visibility, better efficiency, and expanded growth opportunities into the future.

Our innovative and comprehensive approach to restaurant management sets us ahead of the pack, and simplifies your business investment. We evaluate everything from cost control and guest experience, to employee training and food quality. Our brand strategy team will take their time to look over every aspect of your Bend restaurant business and identify areas for improvement, helping you focus your resources effectively. At Northwest Consultants, we rely on time-tested operations and service audits built upon a blend of observation, interviews, surveys, and other data collection strategies, and you can always count on us to gather the information you need, when you need it.

If you are looking for a management consultant in Bend, look no further than our restaurant consulting firm. We will go the extra mile to assist you in creating a venture that is stable and profitable, as well as develop your unique brand into one that is recognizable and positive. We understand that running a restaurant is hard work, so let our restaurant consulting services give you a hand. Northwest Consultants will be there to guide and advise you on your brand strategy, every step of the way, so you can be proud of what you’ve built.