Working Capital Loans

Immediate Capital Needs Funded Quickly

Should you find your business credit approaching 50% utilization or worse yet frozen, non-traditional lenders are here to offer a fast and simple approval process. We don’t spend our time poring over your plans for our capital with a fine tooth comb. The pressing nature of your needs is treated with the utmost respect, not a reason to turn you down. Funding is assured in as little as 24-48 hours with minimal financial disclosure. Approvals are always easy to understand because they are a percentage of gross annual revenue, not net profit.

We are here to help every industry take rapid advantage of unexpected discounts on inventory, services and materials. We are here when a landlord won’t roll tenant improvements into your expansion lease. We are also here when a slow-paying customer puts payroll in jeopardy or your personal credit score dips. And when net-30 runs over to 60 or 90, but you want to remain in your supplier’s good graces. That’s the reality of today’s small business economy in America and we get it.